5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Prepping for New Clients

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December 11, 2023

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Hey there, friend! Are you on the brink of taking that exciting leap into working with new clients? That’s fantastic, but hold your horses! Diving headfirst into client work without proper preparation is like setting sail in a leaky boat.

In this post, we’re going to explore the top five mistakes to avoid to ensure your client work journey is smooth sailing.

Mistake 1:
Not Having a Solid Business Foundation Before Taking on Clients

Imagine building a house on sand – it’s risky, right? Similarly, starting client work without a solid business foundation is a recipe for disaster. A clear business identity, a well-thought-out plan, and legal protections are your bedrock. Don’t skip this step. It’s not just about having a cool logo or a catchy business name; it’s about understanding your market, setting achievable goals, and ensuring you’re legally covered. Neglecting these can lead to a world of headaches down the line.

Mistake 2:
Lack of a Professional Portfolio to Give to Potential New Clients

Your portfolio is your golden ticket to winning clients. It’s the proof in the pudding of your skills and expertise. But a haphazard collection of past work won’t cut it. You need a portfolio that’s as professional and polished as you are. Select your best works, include diverse projects, and don’t forget to add those glowing client testimonials. Remember, your portfolio is often your first impression – make it count!

Mistake 3:
Inefficient or Nonexistent New Client Onboarding Processes

Client onboarding is like the first date in your professional relationship. Mess it up, and there might not be a second one. An efficient onboarding process sets the tone for the entire project. It involves clear communication, setting expectations, and managing deliverables. Tools like Dubsado and Airtable can be lifesavers here. Streamline your process to make it as smooth as possible – your clients will thank you for it.

Mistake 4:
No Ready-to-Use Contracts for New Clients

Let’s talk contracts. They’re not just legal mumbo jumbo; they’re your safety net. A good contract outlines project scopes, payment terms, and what happens if things go south. Not having one ready means you’re vulnerable and unprepared. Whether you draft it yourself or get legal help, make sure you have a contract template at hand – always.

Mistake 5: Improvised Invoicing and Financial Management for New Clients

Last but not least, let’s chat about money. Invoicing and financial tracking might not be the most glamorous part of your business, but they’re crucial. You need a system that’s efficient and reliable. Tools for invoicing and financial management not only save you time but also keep your cash flow healthy. Don’t leave this to chance – or you might find yourself chasing payments instead of your dreams.

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You can do this!

As we close this chapter on avoiding common mistakes when prepping for new clients, remember that the right preparation sets the stage for success. Want to dive deeper into the world of virtual assistance and get every tool you need under your belt? Don’t miss my comprehensive blog post on the Top 11 Virtual Assistant Tools: Your No-Nonsense Guide to the Best VA Software where I break down the essential software that can transform your VA journey.

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In this journey of professional growth, you’re not alone. With the right tools and knowledge, you’re well on your way to creating a flourishing business that not only attracts clients but keeps them coming back. Ready to embark on this exciting path? Join my course, explore my resources, and let’s make your VA dreams a reality! Bye for now!




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