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Finding Your Brand’s Typeface Soulmate Choosing logo fonts for your branding is like crafting a love letter to your customers. It’s about making a connection from the first glance. And just like the perfect love letter, it should be easy to read, pleasant to look at, and reflective of who you are. The Dance of […]

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Logo Fonts That Reflect Your Brand’s Heart


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In today’s digital age, true branding has become an indispensable aspect of building a successful business. It goes beyond a mere logo; it encapsulates the very essence of your company’s identity. While the allure of a quick and inexpensive $20 logo on Etsy may be tempting, it’s crucial to understand the limitations and risks associated […]


When I'm not rocking the business world, you'll find me savoring an incredible playlist and relishing a glass of delicious cabernet. But my true calling lies in empowering women over 40, igniting their entrepreneurial spirits and breaking through age barriers.

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I'm Christi, the audacious lady who left behind the corporate grind to embark on an exciting journey of building my own online business. Fueled by passion and unyielding determination, I crafted my brand from the ground up.


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